It’s been confirmed that at lockdown, for the knockout title our champion madison rayne will face gail kim in a steel cage match.

I love when they let women compete in these kind of matches, it’s something I wish wwe did more often (but anyway) ..

I’m excited about this match.

It appears that wrestlemania diva plans are up in the air right now, the original plan was for naomi to face aj lee but with naomi’s recent eye injury that has put her out a few weeks everyone is unsure if their will be a divas match at wrestlemainia and even if there is one, they don’t know which direction to take it. 

The plans were to have naomi eventually win the title from aj, but that too is unsure now.


It’s time for our weekly dose of one of the cutest couples ever .. brandi / cody rhodes.

I posted the first vlog last week, and here’s number two in the link below


It’s no secret that former diva and current roh wrestler, maria kanellis does not like the bella twins.

She has taken several shots at them in numerous interviews, claiming that they blocked her from a wwe return.

Today though, on twitter she apoligized to the duo saying .. 

@nicoleandbri I’m sorry for anything that I have said that may have hurt you. I’d like for everyone to move past this. I wish you both well.”

Through all of her bashing fo them, the twins have remained quite so who knows if this is really over or not .. what do you guys think?

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